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ELONGATED-CAD TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD. (CIN: U72200DL2016PTC308329) is An Internationally Recognized ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. We work on products/parts Designing using Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software and fulfill the requirement. We are committed to fulfilling the requirement of an industries/individual with perfection, quality and on time.

We are the leading training provider firm, that have been making a name for itself with its systematic & scientific approach in the field of latest technology covering Mechanical , Civil, Electrical/Electronics and other Engineering branches ,founded to provide a safe, educational, valuable, enjoyable, and life-changing environment for Innovating and learning minds..

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Greetings and welcome to the Elongated-CAD Technologies Pvt. Ltd.As you navigate our website, I hope you will develop a sense of who we are and gain an appreciation of our passion for excellence in CAD Project Development & Training.
Elongated-CAD Technologies was established in 2016 to train individuals showing competency in Computer Aided Designing Drafting (CAD) sector to meet the needs of the ever-growing Designing sector. Ever since then this Centre has an outstanding record of creating excellent CAD Designer. Elongated-CAD Technologies offers several experiential learning opportunities for its students including extramural externships at CAD related companies that offer additional opportunities for Modern Designing.
We have years of experienced faculty members and project developer on board who have excellent track records. With these exceptional faculties and our remarkable staff, this center motivates its students to achieve the highest standards of excellence in their courses. Our Training Centre is truly unique, providing a positive and meaningful experience for our students, faculty, and alumni. Students get numerous opportunities of professional development by taking courses that are designed to help, enhance knowledge in CAD.
I’m confident that Elongated-CAD Technologies will continue to produce best CAD Designers who, by virtue of their diverse training and project development experience, will be leaders in the Computer Aided Designing & Drafting (CAD) sector. I look forward to working with you to shape your future during the most energizing phase of your life.

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AutoCAD is the standard design software used in the engineering, architecture, interior design and construction industries. Designers and drafters use it to create two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) computer drawings. Students interested in learning how to use this software can complete coursework to earn a certificate or degree or take individual non-credit classes at a higher education institution.

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